Located on the first hills that sorround Stradella, just after Zenevredo, amongst the scenery of its vineyards, you will find Enrico Cordini’s company: immersed in nature, the peaceful landscape of beautiful vineyards with suggestive colours and the light breezes, makes it the perfect place to rediscover traditional tastes and flavours.

Enrico Cordini produces Croatina, Barbera, Pinot Noir wines. The Cordini Company began in the 1930′s when Gradfather Domenico started to sel un-bottled cask wines from his vineyards.
In the 1960′s his Son in law, Carlo, started to get involved in the companu and together they started to bottle wine and sold their products throughout Italy.

In 1998 Enrico, the actual owner, built a new wine cellar in Zenevredo next to his father Carlo’s vineyards. The variesty of grapes, cultivated are: Croatina, Barbera and Pinot Noir. The cultivation is rigorously carried out in an organic way, with the total elimination of pesticides, together with the deliberate low yield per hectare ensuring the finest quality for each wine made.

Each year, pushed by our enthisiasm inr running the vineyards, the wine cellar, in a word, the whole Winery, and the unconditional love for our land and its products, ensures that of our small company, maybe presented with semplicity, follows one clear goal: “To get the best quality in each part of the wine making”, so the wines have achieved the DOC denomination (denomination of a controlled origin) from the Consortium of DOC wine and now our efforts are into turning into ORGANIC the whole production.

Since 2012, the company has undertaken the “organic farming” certification process.

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