Situated on the first hills around Stradella, just after Zenevredo, amongst the scenery of its vines you will find Enrico Cordini’s company. The immersion in a natural environment, the tranquillity and the beauty of the vines, the suggestive colours and the light breezes, makes it a perfect place to rediscover traditional tastes and flavours. Cordini produces Croatina, Barbera, Pinot Nero and Muscat.

The Cordini Company began in the 1930’s when Grandfather Domenico started to sell un-bottled cask wines from his vines. In the 1960’s his Son in law, Carlo started to get involved with the company and together they started to bottle wine and sold their products throughout Italy. In 1998 Enrico, the actual owner of the company built a new cellar in the locality of Zenevredo next to his father Carlo’s vines.
The cultivated area  produces: Croatina, Barbera, Pinot Nero and Muscat grapes. The cultivation is rigorously carried out the total elimination of pesticides, together with the deliberate low yield per hectare ensuring a 1st class product.
The wines that have achieved the DOC denomination (denomination of a controlled origin) from the Consortium of DOC wine. The enthusiasm of running the cellars and winery and the love of the ground and its products, ensures that the reality of this small company, which is presented with simplicity, but with one clear goal: “The quality of their wines”.

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